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Mediation and Litigation

Compulsory Acquisition Disputes


Compulsory Acquisition Disputes

This is a specialised area of valuation that requires experience and knowledge of the relevant laws.
Compensation is calculated by taking into account various heads of compensation. These vary considerably from situation to situation. Knowledge of these components and how to apply them is key to accurate compensation assessments.
There are several court cases regarding this and in-depth knowledge of this precedence is a must for anyone determining compensation in these scenarios.
With reliable advice Curtis Valuations the correct compensation sums can be negotiated.


Involved in a dispute over property? We can help by providing an independent valuation so both parties can have all the correct information to resolve the matter without costly court proceedings.
Even if legal professionals are involved and the dispute is in court a valuation for mediation can be used to negotiate and resolve the matter.
From residential property to complex commercial valuations and easements Curtis Valuations can assist.

Expert Evidence

When negotiations through mediation break down and an agreement cannot be reached the dispute is then resolved in court. The court will order that a joint expert be appointed and the valuer provides a report to be used as expert evidence.
Curtis Valuations regularly completes valuations for use as expert evidence. In this scenario the valuer has a duty to the courts and the reports are bound by legislative requirements, require a certain level of experience and expertise and are often time sensitive.
We deliver timely and accurate independent reports for use in expert evidence. Prices start at $1,000+ GST.