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Unit Entitlement Valuation


Qualified valuers at Curtis Valuations complete regular Unit Entitlement Valuations for new strata buildings, and for older buildings that are converted to strata title. If you are a developer or surveyor requiring a unit entitlement valuation and 3.07 form to register your strata plan please contact us today. We can offer professional service and competitive pricing. Curtis Valuations can also assist with re-determination of unit entitlements when the existing unit entitlements are deemed unreasonable. Commonly required for Capital Gains Tax purposes, retrospective valuation of property can be useful to ascertain the market value of an asset at a specified date in the past. This may be the date a property became an investment property or ceased to be.

The determination of unit entitlements is an extremely important and complex task. It not only determines the proportion of ownership a lot holder carries within a development, the break up defines obligations under the strata or neighbourhood title scheme, and stipulates legal and financial rights of all lot holders. Property owners can be heavily impacted financially if unit entitlements are not correctly calculated.

All unit entitlement valuations completed by Curtis Valuations comply with recent amendments to the NSW Strata Titles Development Act and Strata Titles Management Act.

Prior to November 30, 2016, developers were permitted to ‘self-assess’ unit entitlements. Recent amendments to the legislation now require the task be completed by a registered valuer. Curtis Valuations can deliver fast turnaround and provide you with the required 3.07 form you need to lodge your strata plan. Please note that unit entitlements performed by Curtis Valuations must be lodged no more than 60 days after completion of our assessment.

  • Unit entitlement allocations provided at a fixed rate.

  • The guaranteed turnaround of 3 business days.

  • Form 3.07 provided compliant for strata plan registration

  • Fixed price of $40 per lot, discounts may apply for larger developments.

    Please note the minimum fee is $350 + GST.

    If your strata scheme requires a review of existing entitlements to ensure they are fair, or if you require a valuation of unit entitlements for a new strata lodgement, don’t hesitate to contact our fully qualified, highly experienced team today.