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We value integrity and honesty and act ethically in every instance. We are independent and objective experts and an impartial professional service is guaranteed.


Our team have extensive experience in the Sydney property market. Curtis Valuations staff are fully qualified property professionals adhering to professional standards and codes of conduct. All valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute and undergo continuing professional development programs.

Mediation, Private Negotiation and Expert Evidence

There are two main types of Family Law valuations and each require a different level of reporting.

Below we have outlined the details of each with our fixed prices:

mediation and private negotiation - $550

This can be simple negotiations between two parties without legal counsel or part of a complex negotiation with solicitors involved.


In this scenario each party may choose their own Valuer separately or they can agree to instruct one Valuer on a joint instruction.


These are thorough reports which include full detail on the subject property, present the most relevant sales evidence in an objective and informative manner and give commentary on the current market conditions.

expert evidence - $1,100

This is when mediation fails and legal proceedings have determined the matter must be decided by the courts.


In this scenario both solicitors must provide a joint instruction to one Valuer to provide a report for use as Expert Evidence.


These reports are bound by legislative requirements and the duty of the Valuer is to the Courts. These are long form valuation reports and include full title searches, relevant plans and at least 6 comparable sales.

Note: The above prices include GST and are for residential properties under $2 M in Sydney Metropolitan Area.