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Curtis Valuations are experts in determining land value and successfully negotiating incorrect land tax assessments.

We offer fixed fees for each step of the process and do not proceed to the next stage without approval from the land owner.

This process is as follows:

  • Initial Low Cost Assessment.
  • Objection Lodgement
  • Mediation & Negotiation to reduce your Land Tax
  • Land Court Hearing

Please request a quote and one of our team will be in touch and provide you with a detailed proposal letter.



Initial Assessment

  • This is an assessment by a Registered Valuer.
  • Provides critical review of the Valuer General assessed land values to determine if an objection is warranted.
  • Written expert recommendation with supporting evidence.

Land Tax Objection Lodgement

  • We complete a full report supporting the objection.
  • This is provided to the statutory authority with any additional or supplementary information required post submission included in the cost of this stage.
  • No additional hourly fees are charged during lodgement process.

Mediation and Negotiation

  • This includes discussions, phone calls and mediation conferences to successfully negotiate a reduction in Land Tax.
  • We offer capped hourly limits with fixed rates.

Court Hearing

  • Includes preparation of a long form valuation report for the appeal in the Land and Environment Court of NSW
  • We offer capped hourly limits with fixed rates.


Curtis Valuations are specialists in land tax objections, compulsory acquisition matters, easement compensation and expert valuations in legal matters. We have one of the best teams in Sydney for this high level valuation work and have an amazing record of success.


The Valuer General uses mass valuation techniques which cannot take into account the various individual characteristics of every land lot and often can lead to error.

Understanding how your land is valued will help you provide the best information to support your land tax objection. Land value is the market value of the land only, as if it had sold on 1 July in the valuing year. It does not include your home, or any other structures within the property.

The land value does include any improvements to the land such as drainage and excavation, as well as the physical effect of work involved in any easements, for example pipe work or transmission lines.

You can obtain a copy of your land tax valuation prepared by the Valuer General at: Valuer General land value search Alternatively, you can search via the property address at: Valuer General property address enquiry

Lodging Land Tax Objections
You have 60 days from the date printed on your land tax assessment notice to lodge an objection. If your property is jointly owned or leased, you will need to let the other landholders know that an objection is being lodged.

It is of critical importance that any objection is supported with the best possible evidence and supporting documentation.

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