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Independent Property Valuers Sydney

Independent Property Valuers


Independent property valuers are professional valuers who conduct impartial, equitable property valuations without bias for many purposes. These reports are governed by national and international valuation guidelines and valuers are bound to uphold a professional code of conduct. All valuers employed by Curtis Valuations are Certified Practicing Valuers (CPVs) with at least 10 years’ experience.

A Certified Practising Valuer is a person who, by education, training and experience is qualified and recognised to perform a valuation of real property under one of the following professional bodies: The Australian property Institute (API), The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Australian Valuers Institute (AVI). All independent valuers at Curtis valuations are certified practising valuers and associate members of the API (AAPI CPV) with some also members of the RICS and AVI.

Independent property valuer’s clients include finance companies, private land owners and investors, businesses, overseas investors, government bodies and councils, solicitors, insurance brokers and property developers.

Whether you are building a large scale development or purchasing a family home, an independent property valuer can add value to your transaction. When buying a home, obtaining an independent property valuation can ensure you have the information to make an informed decision inclusive of the relevant market evidence. Valuers are specially qualified to research comparable sales and market conditions to reach a correct market value. During the many stages of development, an independent property valuer may be commissioned to determine site suitability, provide subdivision advice, or ensure the developer is using the land for the ‘highest and best use’ and therefore maximising investment potential.

Unlike estimates provided by Real Estate Agents and other property specialists, CPV’s have a hands-on, professional approach and work with well-established processes and professional standards to produce valuations that are reliable, unbiased and independent. Curtis Valuations are regularly involved in legal matters and are experienced in mediation conferences and acting as expert witnesses in court proceedings.

If you require a valuation for any purpose or for any property type, Contact Curtis Valuations today. We will put you in touch with a fully qualified, independent property valuer.