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If you are considering refinancing your mortgage, or require a new home finance, the value of your assets will need to be determined in order for your lender to make an informed decision regarding risk and your ability to service the loan.

Curtis Valuations can assist in providing an accurate, equitable valuation to determine the current value of your assets. You may be looking to refinance the mortgage to access the equity in your home for investment purposes. Given the current low-interest rates this is becoming quite popular. You may want to refinance to consolidate other debts, or you may just want to shop around for a better interest rate. Either way, the fully qualified valuers at Curtis Valuations can help you to ensure your property is not over or undervalued. Curtis Valuations can also complete property valuation reviews, which can sometimes be required in cases of discrepancy.

Taking into account current market conditions and fluctuating interest rates, obtaining accurate independent property valuations is important to maximise your borrowing capacity. Ensuring your assets are valued correctly is in your best interests, and will allow you to utilise your available equity - and put it to the best use to ensure the maximum financial gain.

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