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Positively Geared Investments Sydney

Positively Geared Investments

Short term growth is great and often easily achieved however property markets can and do experience downturns. The people that lose when this occurs are those that must sell in a low market. In the current climate with interest rates rising and certain property markets having experienced unprecedented growth, prudent investment is important.

A positive income stream assists in leverage of existing assets to acquire more properties. Being able to rely on long-term growth and building a property portfolio of high yielding investments with low vacancy risk offers a steady passive income stream, ability to grow your portfolio and security to hold the properties through flat or falling markets.

Mixed Portfolios

Despite the security of high cash flow investments we understand everyone has different financial situations and requirements. We can locate and negotiate properties in high growth areas that provide the taxation benefits of negative gearing. Our taxation experts can assist with tax depreciation schedules and financial modelling.

One Stop Property Shop

Our alliance partners have been formed over years in the industry and include accountants and taxation experts, conveyancers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, planners, architects, builders, sales agents and property managers. So we can offer a one-stop shop for anything property related if required.

Been trying to do your own research and getting overwhelmed?

It is easy to get information overload with online books and seminars promising the world, media articles that are either politically motivated or simply misinformed and thousands of people throughout the property industry who will tell you whatever is necessary to get what they want with no regard for professionalism. This combined with the diverse property markets around the country, interest rate rises and global market volatility makes it easy to be confused and/or disheartened when it comes to investing in property but we can help.
Reliance on broad economic data and property statistics alone can lead to critical errors, whereas focusing purely on a local situation without recognising the bigger picture can be equally dangerous.

Curtis Valuations offers independent property advice based on years of experience in the industry and detailed research and analysis. When considering a specific property market we do a complete detailed and thorough analysis on factors including but not limited to: 

• Recent sales in the area
• Zoning and planning factors
• Current local market trends
• Population and immigration growth
• Demographic profiles
• Approved and government funded local infrastructure projects
• Suburb specific supply and demand factors
• Broad economic factors
• Local future development